Thursday Morning Thoughts

Thursday morning thoughts…

I am working through a really thought provoking bible study right now with a mother’s prayer group. We met as a group this morning and had great, thought provoking discussion and now I’m sitting here, chewing on all those thoughts.

We are studying women of the Bible. This week we focused on Sarah and we discussed waiting, as Sarah waited a long time for motherhood. We discussed her handmaid Hagar, how she got mixed up in Sarah trying to do things on her own; and how God saw Hagar, even as she felt insignificant. He saw her and he saved her.

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast that talked about letting your light shine. It’s a podcast by Danielle Bean, the girlfriends podcast, it’s worth a listen! Anyways, she talked about figuring out the things that you are good at, your gifts, and using them for good. She discussed how you find what those things are and let them shine.

As I was walking the dogs and listening to the podcast, I named two gifts out loud that God gave me, writing and public speaking. I thought, I can use these gifts; I need to quit hiding them.

Hours later I got an email, asking that I speak. It’s for a conference at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. It will be one of biggest engagements where I have been asked to speak.

I felt a little like God had been waiting for my yes. As soon as I even thought it, he was like, “finally, I’ve been waiting; I have places where I need your voice!”

I felt like Hagar. Like in all my insignificance, he saw me.

It never ceases to amaze me how at work
He is in my life and how he even uses the very books I read and podcasts I listen to to guide me.

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