Today is one of those milestone days for a senior in high school. Today, Lexi will play basketball for the last time in Chapman Gymnasium.

Chapman has been a second home to her since 7th grade. And for years before that she worked her tail off making sure she could play in the Gymnasium wearing a Hawkette Jersey.

As a freshman, #10 was not her first choice, but as being a freshman goes, she got #10. I know I’m biased but she’s had a great career and has done #10 proud. This season I even had to find someone to sew it back together again because it means so much to her.

I will miss the crazy loud nights sitting next to her dad, one of the loudest fans in the place. I will miss quick runs to the bathroom with her younger siblings straining my ear to listen for her name in case I missed something. Heck, I’ll miss my diet of popcorn and Diet Pepsi.

I’ll miss everything about it, especially her.

She is everything I could have ever hoped for in a daughter. She is bright, vibrant, a light. The last 4 years, I’ve been told that repeatedly by fans, teachers, other parents; so it’s not just me.

She is dedicated, works hard, and sacrifices a lot. A lot of people see that.

The things they don’t see are a sister that worries about her siblings, especially her 3 brothers living with a fatal genetic disease. She carries her brother Max up and down the stairs at lunch. She can give them their meds and stretch them. She’s had to do more on her own than I would have liked because they physically need us more. That’s been hard at times, but she’s always understood and just fought a little harder to compensate.

Lexi refused to go to college out of state because she didn’t want to be far from them. We encouraged her not to make her decision based on that, but we know she did. She could have visited schools all over the country and refused all but one. In the end she chose a school 90 minutes from home. Her priorities are straight and family is among the top for her.

I prayed always that my children would not be like me. I’m learning that it’s okay for them to have a little of me in them. I have a little fight and that’s what Lexi has of me. She perseveres.

There is not a challenge she will not accept and often succeeds more the harder the challenge is. She will make it. Letting her go off to college hurts because I’ll miss everything about her, but not because I’m worried. She is ready.

I’m amazed at her. I love how she is with people, reminding me always of her dad and pappa. I’ve watched her compete since kindergarten. Early on, Lexi could be found talking to her teammates and kids on the other team. To this day she can been seen chatting with a ref on the sideline as she waits to inbound the ball.

Last year at state track, she had a big throw that launched her into second place. On her way out of the ring, a dad and Coach to the gold medalist congratulated her by name before she ever found her way to her coaches and parents.

This season she suffered a concussion that resulted in an ambulance ride. Coaches, parents, and athletes from every corner of the state were texting us that night. She is so loved and they were worried for the blonde girl, with the big smile, that makes everyone feel like a friend.

The week following she was watching the games from the sidelines. Afterword almost every starter on an opposing team came over to her and told her they were scared and are so glad she’s ok.

She’s been successful, she has state medals from all three sports to prove it. But I’m most proud of the fact that she’s a good sister, a good daughter, a good teammate, a great competitor, and a friend to everyone on the court, the field, the hallway.

She’s going to finish the season and another in a Hawkette Jersey and then she’s off to wear a red one for a few years.

I know her future holds no limits. She will be an amazing nurse. I know God has already fused her soul to her future husband and when they find each other she will be a wonderful wife and mother. I’m so proud of this girl, I just wish the past 4 years had not gone quite so quickly.

One thought on “Lexi

  1. Everything you said was so true about Lex. I can only pray that my daughter grows up to be even half as awesome as she is. That girl is one in a million 💝 job well done mama


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